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We focus on growing those herbs and vegetables that are often overlooked at the grocer.  We produce specialty items for our customers.

2017 growing season:

Purple and Yellow Snow Peas

Yea, I just don't think I'm gonna be able to part with too many of these, you can always see what's available though, they are harvested once in spring and once in late fall.  Fresh snow peas are special, like a tree ripened peach, you just can't buy that at the store.  When you do see snow peas at the grocery store, and never purple ones of course, they don't look good, always flappy and too large.  They are not like green beans, they don't store well; you gotta eat those babies very soon after picking. 

Fingerling Potatoes

The Russian Banana were the first to finish this year.  They are not heavy producers though, not like the Purple Peruvian, a robust plant that grows more like a large tomato plant if given the right conditions, amazing!  Another strong potato is the French Fingerling, more commonly found than say the Amarosa or the Ozette.  The Austrian Crescent does not produce like I would have thought but it could be just me.  Yep, if you want fingerling potatoes in Central Ohio, visit Cota Farms Rounding out the field is the Butterfinger, Red Thumb and my favorite, Rose Finn Apple.  So, while most large producers are already sold out, we are just getting started for fall sales.  We have some seed potato available but we are really about putting our potatoes on your dinner table.

 Swiss Chard


 Chervil is delicate and not so easy to grow like many other herbs.  Also unlike other herbs it is short lived, one harvest and your are done.  It doesn't like too much sun or harsh weather.  It is also one of the most delicious herbs you could grow and that's why we struggle to provide it.  It is difficult to come by and many are not even aware of this herb, but we know an authentic French Chef that lights up when ever we can bring it.

French Sorrel


I love that peppery taste.  If you like a little pepper on your baked potato or eggs, try some watercress.  On salad, pair it with a sweeter dressing. 

French Thyme
Chocolate Mint


Another overlooked herb, lovage is a great power in the kitchen!  Few herbs leave such an impression.  

French Tarragon

It has got to be French tarragon or don't bother.  It can only be grown from cuttings, all other varieties do seed I believe.  Another temperamental herb, it does best for me in the high tunnel, I don't even bother putting it outside at all.  Worth the effort.

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We use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our produce, that used to mean organic.