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We have partnered with our poultry processor to bring you a larger variety of poultry at a reduced price.  This is Ohio raised and processed poultry.  Local food is seasonal, and we are custom growers.  That means we will not have large amounts of food that has not been ordered in advance.  We make weekly deliveries to Columbus or right to your door for large orders.  We do not ship orders.  This is a virtual store, we can make our prices even lower by only accepting cash, silver, or business checks.

Our Fall/Winter menu:

Pheasant, whole                             $6.75/lb
Guinea, whole                                 $5.25/lb
whole                                     $5.00/lb
Quail, whole                $

Silky, whole                $
Turkey, whole                $

Orders and inquires can be placed by e-mail

Or give us a call: 419-768-2744